Introducing CoreMedia Content Cloud. Part III: Strategic Business Value for Brands

11. October 2018 / Sören Stamer / Disruption, eCommerce

The third post in the series “Introducing CoreMedia Content Cloud” analyzes the strategic business benefits of sophisticated content and experience management for brands. Because when combined, these have a major impact on a brand’s ability to compete effectively.

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Recommended Read #9: Conversational Commerce

9. October 2018 / Doug Heise / Disruption, eCommerce

We look at how chat bots and A.I. are being put to the test in one of the world’s most competitive and rapidly changing industries – retail eCommerce.

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Introducing CoreMedia Content Cloud. Part II: Best-of-Breed Marketing Technology

4. October 2018 / Sören Stamer / Agile, Culture, Disruption, eCommerce

CoreMedia Content Cloud empowers brands to orchestrate iconic experiences at scale. This post digs into the core technology behind it, from object-oriented content management to integration hubs.

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How to Integrate an Online Form Service with Studio Hub

2. October 2018 / Karsten Reuter / TechTalk

It’s easy integrate an online form service with CoreMedia Studio Hub. This post walks through an example using the service Typeform.

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