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Jack In The Box

23. May 2018 / Olaf Kummer / TechTalk

Let me tell you the story of a security bug.

To harden our CMS against XXE attacks, we were implementing the procedures proposed by OWASP. This worked nicely for the deployed software but we ran into one case in which the XXE prevention simply did not seem to work when running a test. Fearing that the approach was somehow broken despite the reputable source, we did a root causes analysis.

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Recommended Read #5: The End of Privacy?

23. May 2018 / Doug Heise / Disruption

New Laws and Changing Attitudes Towards Data Protection With the launch of the EU’s new digital privacy laws just days away and the ongoing scandal at Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica revelations, now seems like a great time to get up to speed on the latest news in the world of digital privacy and data protection….

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Recommended Read #4: Voice and Visual

17. May 2018 / Doug Heise / Disruption

Emerging UX Interfaces Back again with another list of articles from around the web to inform and entertain. This week we are focusing on the topic of next generation user interfaces. What comes after mobile touchscreens? The smartphone was a revolution, but innovators are looking for the next big opportunity – in augmented reality (AR),…

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Seven Ways AI Will Impact Retail

15. May 2018 / Don Hoffman / eCommerce

Is the dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI) finally here? Seemingly every day brings some big announcement, from breakthrough findings in ALS research generated by AI data mining to AI-powered phone calls that sound convincingly human (Google’s Duplex). But for businesses, the concerns are more practical: How to make sense of the new AI technologies and…

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