CoreMedia Hackathon “The Future of Commerce” – The Origin of a Theme

15. February 2018 / Sören Stamer / Hackathon

CoreMedia’s upcoming Hackathon on February 22-23 will be all about “The Future of Commerce”. Since I’ve been asked about the origin of this theme, I’d like to share it here: At this year’s NRF Big Show in New York City, I noticed a significant change compared to the year before. The overall mood within the…

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Handling Integrations Over Time

15. February 2018 / Chris Kubosch / eCommerce

Managing the integrations between content management systems and commerce platforms is daunting. Many integrations are custom builds, meaning that updates are a huge technical challenge and a major cost burden. And even then, there’s no guarantee that one-o integrations will remain robust and secure as the major platforms evolve. Pre-built productized integrations are the key…

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Thoughts on Strategy: Catching the Wave

14. February 2018 / Sören Stamer / Culture, Disruption, eCommerce

“Waves are toys from God.” – Clay Marzo, professional surfer. One way to think about business strategy is to think about surfing waves. Every iconic brand and every successful hidden champion was able to catch a powerful wave at just the right time. Nike launched its iconic brand by catching the personal fitness wave. Microsoft…

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Integration of Marketing Platforms into CoreMedia

14. February 2018 / Katherine Thompson / Labs

CoreMedia is a powerful content management system that can easily integrate with your existing marketing automation systems to re-use your digital assets and content for your newsletters and push messages. We provide out-of-the-box integration code for various leading marketing automation systems. MARKETING CLOUD ⇔ COREMEDIA As a Digital Marketing Manager, I want to inform my customers…

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