10 Elements of Successful IT Projects

17. July 2018 / Timmo Köhler (bitgrip GmbH) / Agile, Culture

Why do so many digital projects fail? Surprisingly, the reason often has less to do with inadequate technology or tight budgets, and more with lack of planning, poor communication, or simply having the wrong attitude. Through my work as an IT consultant, I’ve worked on many digital projects and I’ve identified the top ten factors…

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Blockchain and Content Management

11. July 2018 / Jochen Toppe / TechTalk

Everyone is talking about blockchain, and we see many organizations experimenting with the technology. At the J. Boye CMS Expert group, we’ve been talking a lot about how this might impact the CMS ecosystem. But has anyone come up with the killer use case yet?

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My impressions from K5 FUTURE RETAIL Conference

6. July 2018 / Jörg Schäffer / eCommerce

This year CoreMedia participated for the first time as an exhibitor at the K5 FUTURE RETAIL conference in Berlin on July 3 & 4. Here’s our take on the event.

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A Collaboration Journey

2. July 2018 / Nicolai Munch Andersen (Siteimprove) and Karsten Reuter / Hackathon, Labs, TechTalk

A 48-hour hackathon transformed an idea-concepting and coding event into an unexpected collaboration journey between two global technology brands, CoreMedia and Siteimprove.

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