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January 9, 2019 / Bob Balfe / Disruption, eCommerce

Since my job status change went public on LinkedIn, the response has been out of this world. The hundreds of congratulations and affirmations on the impact I had while working at IBM and in the eCommerce industry have been overwhelming. One never really knows their impact but hearing I’ve helped so many over the years was a great feeling.

And one common response I received – which completely confirmed my decision to move to CoreMedia – was “Wow, CoreMedia is a great company. Way to go!”

So why CoreMedia?

This answer is simple: The eCommerce landscape has changed and experience is now the number one factor for eCommerce. Digital experience to be exact – digital experience across multiple channels and multiple devices. Managing those experiences is a primary focus for brands that need to deliver iconic experiences.

Headless CMS and headless commerce is the hottest thing for a very good reason: technology has evolved to the point where true scalability, continuous integration, and continuous delivery are here and everyone wants it. Brands want their storefront disconnected from the backend using whatever technology available, so they can attract new talent (such as Node.js developers).

In an API-driven world, headless just makes sense. And in that world, you need a first-class content management system that’s agnostic to the underlying commerce engine. A CMS solution dedicated to solving real business user problems. A CMS solution that lets line-of-business users (as opposed to developers) create differentiating experiences. A CMS solution that is the primary focus of the company that creates it. A CMS solution where the top technical talent in the company is focused on making that solution #1 in the market. A CMS solution that exemplifies usability above everything else, and quality and productivity are central.

To me, these are the defining qualities of CoreMedia.

I’ve always been attracted to greatness. I’m a big sports fan and I’ve always loved athletes who dominate their sport: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serena Williams, and even Tom Brady (though I despise the Patriots).

Turning to products, greatness comes from knowing your customer, delivering the highest quality, and paying attention to every detail. Apple, BMW, and Bose are examples of very high-quality consumer products. In the software world, not that many products can make this claim and most don’t last more than a decade.

But CoreMedia is different. CoreMedia’s products embody these characteristics and they have an amazing track record –two decades of satisfied customers. From the very first demonstration I saw of their integrations with WebSphere Commerce and the attention they put into the usability of the features, I was sold: This is how a CMS should be done. No other CMS had such a high level of quality, ease of use, and deep integration as CoreMedia Studio did. And it continues to innovate year after year after year.

So here I am, excited to now be working at a company I’ve admired for so long. I can’t wait to start meeting with customers and prospects to show them how easy it can be to make their brands iconic!

Bob Balfe

Bob Balfe

Vice President, Solution Architects, Americas

Bob Balfe joined CoreMedia after a long career as an IBM Distinguished Engineer, where he managed a team of solution architects and developers supporting worldwide pre-sales demonstrations and partner integrations for the Watson Customer Engagement division. His team was known for creating innovative tools to streamline demonstration capabilities of over 20 offerings. Previously, he was a senior developer leading a global team working on IBM’s Lotus and Domino product lines. A devoted blogger and frequent contributor to YouTube, Bob is always up for sharing his perspective on software development, eCommerce, and digital experience.

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