Post by author: Don Hoffman

Is the dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI) finally here? Seemingly every day brings some big announcement, from breakthrough findings in ALS research generated by AI data mining to AI-powered phone calls that sound convincingly human (Google’s Duplex). But for businesses, the concerns are more practical: How to make sense of the new AI technologies and… / Read More

Last month we attended the annual retail supershow known as NRF. (Officially it’s the “National Retail Federation’s Big Show” but everyone just uses the acronym.) Held in Manhattan, it is indeed big – with more than 600 exhibitors vying for the attention of some 35,000 attendees. It’s tough to stand out, particularly if you’re not… / Read More

The beginning of the year is the usual time to talk about challenges – especially for retailers. And while I respect the instinct, what I don’t like is the implication that challenges are external burdens a business has to overcome. Faced with tough times, companies are expected to assume a defensive, crouching position. Hold on… / Read More