Maximizing Your IBM Commerce Investment

Five years ago, I worked closely with CoreMedia – a company that has long been a major IBM partner – on a compelling video series to demonstrate the many integration points with IBM WebSphere Commerce. Now I'm here working at CoreMedia and I can confidently say: the integrations are still excellent and can bring new life to any eCommerce investment.

The video series highlights the tight integrations with eMarketing spots, promotions, segments, as well as the catalog – federating search results and even showing full asset management for all channels. The asset library in CoreMedia Studio has an especially tight integration with the eCommerce backend. Product content, eMarketing spots, and promotions show up just like any other asset.

But just as there are lots of questions about this subject, there are lots of options. The good news is that CoreMedia Content Cloud works particularly well with IBM WebSphere Commerce v7 (which most IBM customers are on) as well as all previous versions. This means you can completely reinvent your customer experience with a first-class CMS built for specifically eCommerce and omnichannel.

So let’s look at a few of the different options available:


Let's say you've invested years in your IBM Commerce platform and aren't ready to abandon it. But you realize you're missing out on a complete omnichannel brand management experience — that is, you want to be able to optimize image crops for each device and manage content across all channels with a single tool.

The good news is you can still #beIconic and have true omnichannel brand management with CoreMedia Content Cloud. As we demonstrated recently at the National Retail Federation's Big Show (NRF), this includes the ability to control content from a single cloud for in-store displays, websites, mobile apps, digital billboards, and much more. And this also includes things like inventory-controlled contentshoppable videos, and shoppable images.

So not to worry: You can indeed leverage a first-class CMS with your existing IBM Commerce investment by integrating CoreMedia Content Cloud

Just take a look at how easily you can make a banner "inventory aware," meaning that it automatically removes a shoppable product from the image map if it becomes unavailable (so the user doesn’t attempt to add it to cart only to find it out of stock).


But let's say that you are ready to upgrade, but you're concerned about the time and cost required tore-implement on the newer Aurora storefront. CoreMedia's got you covered here as well. Amazingly, you can actually "lift and shift" your current WebSphere Commerce v6 and v7 storefront onto a newer release. “Lift and shift" is a method for moving an application and its associated data to another platform — without redesigning the app. We can help you migrate you old storefront to a more recent WCS version and plug CoreMedia in to manage all of the front-end content. CoreMedia’s deep integration with IBM and modular architecture makes this approach particularly attractive. There may be some initial effort involved (and the effort becomes bigger the further back the version), but if you are on v7 FP 8, this process is actually very easy.

This move, when combined with CoreMedia, will greatly enhance your platform's technology as well as the usability for your eCommerce admins and marketing teams. While you won't be able to take advantage of all the new technologies in v9 immediately, it will be a start and you can immediately start supporting an omnichannel CMS approach.


Then, there is always the option to move to a completely different platform. The good news is that CoreMedia Content Cloud has very tight integrations with many eCommerce platforms. In fact, adopting an omnichannel brand management strategy means that the eCommerce platform becomes almost comodotized. And CoreMedia Studio gives you the flexibility to switch to any of the major platforms with little disruption in your CMS and workflows.

To learn more about the various platforms available, click on the links below. Or send us an email – – to arrange a meeting.

Incidentally, CoreMedia will also work for customers on homegrown eCommerce systems. The flexibility of CoreMedia Content Cloud’s eCommerce Hub can accommodate even the most custom-made solutions. Click here to learn more about how we can help.


If you missed the amazing demo that wowed the crowds at NRF you're in luck, because we happen to have a recording of it from last year's Dmexco. Do yourself a favor: take 8 minutes and watch this video. I know you'll be impressed. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Update: CoreMedia recently launched a new initiative with Zilker Technology to help customers of IBM WebSphere Commerce optimize existing WCS investments, including a free, three-hour consultation to discuss next steps.


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former Vice President, Solution Architects, Americas Bob Balfe joined CoreMedia after a long career as an IBM Distinguished Engineer, where he managed a team of solution architects and developers supporting worldwide pre-sales demonstrations and partner integrations for the Watson Customer Engagement division. His team was known for creating innovative tools to streamline demonstration capabilities of over 20 offerings. Previously, he was a senior developer leading a global team working on IBM’s Lotus and Domino product lines. A devoted blogger and frequent contributor to YouTube, Bob is always up for sharing his perspective on software development, eCommerce, and digital experience.