On Our 25th Anniversary, CoreMedia Has a Lot to Celebrate

When a company reaches a milestone like its 25th anniversary, there is good reason to celebrate. After all, many technology companies established 25 years ago no longer exist. Consider the question answering service Ask Jeeves and the social media platform MySpace, both of which were also founded in 1996. As CoreMedia celebrates this important anniversary on April 19, 2021, we are proud of our ability to evolve and our continued success after a quarter century.

Soren in 1996        Today Soren is CoreMedia CEO

              Soren Stamer in 1996                                            CoreMedia CEO Soren Stamer today

CoreMedia was born in 1996 when two developers, Soren Stamer and Andreas Gawecki, worked together on a software project at the University of Science and Technology in Hamburg, Germany. With support from their academic advisors and fellow co-founders, Prof. Joachim W. Schmidt and Prof. Florian Matthes, Soren and Andreas’ project later evolved into the company we now call CoreMedia. Twenty-five years later, we are still going strong with Soren at the helm as CEO and Andreas as a CoreMedia Distinguished Engineer.

On this anniversary, we have other things to celebrate as well, such as the addition of Gretchen Nemechek as Chief Marketing Officer to CoreMedia’s leadership team. Gretchen brings more than 20 years of experience in enterprise leadership roles and a strong background in product marketing, sales enablement, product management, channel management, and business development. As a growth-minded and results-driven leader, Gretchen will work to expand our market presence and enhance our Content Cloud technology platform, setting CoreMedia up for success into the future.

Our client roster continues to expand with well-known global brands such as DMG Mori, Deckers Brands, T-Mobile, and Emerson Electric using CoreMedia Content Cloud. We are proud to have partnered with the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to provide composability, flexibility, scalability, and speed to their digital experiences. And our work with brands in the retail and fashion space, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Under Armour, continues our long history of delivering memorable and unique digital customer experiences.

Milestone anniversaries are a good time to look back and celebrate accomplishments, of which CoreMedia has many. How many of these fun facts did you know about CoreMedia? (Like 50 kg of bananas a week?!)

As we look ahead into CoreMedia’s next 25 years, we are excited about Content Cloud’s continued development. We foresee Content Cloud heading in new directions, expanding our base of global customers and partners, and adding new team members who are excited about our mission to help companies create iconic online experiences.

One day, or even one week, isn’t enough time for us to fit in all of our 25th anniversary celebrating. Over the course of 2021, look out for special 25th anniversary videos, social media posts and other special announcements as we mark this momentous occasion.

After all, you only turn 25 once. Come celebrate with us!



About the Author

Mimi Moore joined CoreMedia in 2021 and is Global Content Marketing Manager. With over 25 years of experience working for technology and language services companies, Mimi is passionate about communication, the written word, movies and travel.