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This article is a reprint of "Top 10 CEM Solution Providers 2018" originally published in CIO Applications Europe.

Gone are the days when competing was based purely on price or selection. Customers today want real connections with brands, which means seamless, personalized, and compelling experiences across all channels. Leveraging content to deliver superior customer experiences is where the rubber meets the road. In order to establish optimal customer connection, brands must use enthralling content to deliver superior customer experiences. However, mastering content entails possessing the right tools to maximize rich media assets, implementing workflows to address omnichannel product drops and multi-language requirements, scaling content with changing needs, and numerous technical and logistical aspects. Having captured the essence of innovation, CoreMedia knows what it takes to become an iconic brand in the age of customer experience.

Beginning with an initial focus on media and telecommunications, CoreMedia has been in the content business for over 20 years, assisting reputed brands to overcome the challenges of managing and monetizing enterprise content assets since 1996. Composed of pioneers, visionaries, trusted advisors, and fun-loving experts, the team at CoreMedia is adept at taking brands to the next level of their digital experience. With the power of their rich expertise, technology, and insights, CoreMedia enables brands to deliver great customer experiences through any device or channel.

The world of content has shifted away from the traditional single destination towards one residing in numerous systems — from eCommerce to marketing clouds to YouTube channels. CoreMedia serves as the hub to connect these systems and streamline the content for data access and sharing in real-time, and facilitates complete control over their customer experiences with a single, intuitive authoring environment. “We provide companies that use large monolithic systems with open APIs and an object-oriented event-based architecture to connect independent systems together, to allow for a rapidly response to shifts in customer expectations and behavior,” states Sören Stamer, CEO of CoreMedia. The company offers an integrated tool set to automate and optimize the Digital Asset Management (DAM) process with a single click. CoreMedia also features an omnichannel editor and multi-language capabilities to store, edit, and access all content in an omnichannel format, enabling brands to orchestrate global drops and engage customers across multiple channels.

The company’s flagship product CoreMedia Content Cloud has been essential in enabling brands to orchestrate global drops informed by local insights at unprecedented speed, or to customize the digital signage inside brick-and-mortar flagship stores for a single customer. CoreMedia Content Cloud’s ability to access content anytime and anywhere from any integrated system, allowing the user to preview the customer experience across any device or context, enables marketers to instantly implement important revisions. Content Cloud is also shaping the future of brick-and-mortar stores by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to automate repetitive tasks and enhance productivity, regardless of the platform for new personalized digital experiences. With this, brands can construct, experiment, and iterate multiple versions of text-on-image banners for various devices, aspect ratios, and image resolutions efficiently with a single click.

As Stamer puts it, Content Cloud is the "missing piece" for creating and previewing digital experiences across every channel in the customer journey via an open, best-of-breed, API-driven solution that possesses the scalability and speed to publish faster, integrate deeper, and streamline customer journey. These open APIs, integration hubs, and pre-built integrations provide developers with the flexibility to seamlessly connect with both legacy and future systems. CoreMedia Content Cloud assists companies in creating and optimizing a single experience for up to 40 brands, 500 sites, 150 countries, 20 languages, 10 social platforms, and three commerce systems, maintaining brand consistency throughout the customer journey.

“We are committed to developing an open best-of-breed architecture with powerful hubs for augmenting our clients’ existing systems and enabling them to easily switch to more versatile ‘headless’ services that can be rearranged as required,” Stamer says. A headless content repository stores and utilizes enterprise assets with greater agility, while built-in experience orchestration allows editors to preview complex frontend customer experiences in real-time. Omnichannel content delivery options can assist with dynamic publishing across multiple touchpoints, allowing for unparalleled flexibility to design and deploy next-level shoppable experiences.

Recently, a top global jewelry retailer using Salesforce Commerce Cloud needed an improved brand presence and customer engagement to drive eCommerce sales. However, executing campaigns required lots of custom development and technical resources. CoreMedia’s unique ability to blend content with eCommerce functionality allowed the retailer to quickly construct new shoppable content such as blog posts, campaign pages, and shoppable videos, eliminating the drop-off between the brand pages and the product catalog. The retailer’s marketing staff was able to schedule campaigns directly, resulting in much faster turnaround times. “Within three months, the retailer seamlessly integrated shoppable content with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, went live, and raised their online sales by 61 percent,” adds Stamer.

CoreMedia takes great pride in its partnerships and integrations, including the innovative enterprise commerce solution, Elastic Path. Recognized by Gartner as a visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, CoreMedia’s team believes in the process of continuous innovation and is currently looking to enhance its data privacy compliance tools and omnichannel campaign management tools with additional AI, commerce, and marketing integrations. “We are working with Acrolinx and Siteimprove to improve content quality feedback integrations and introduce multi-artificial integration APIs with prototyping of VR/AR/mixed reality content,” Stamer explains. CoreMedia leads the charge to leverage AI and machine learning tools for supporting new forms of automation, thus increasing business user productivity and helping clients deliver refined targeted customer experience.


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