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Talking to our customers, we see an increasing demand to create, compose and preview digital experiences with content from different repositories. With the Cloudinary integration in CoreMedia Studio Hub, editors can easily place assets into the omni-channel experience managed in CoreMedia.

Salesforce Connections 2018 ended yesterday. Here are my thoughts and observations as a partner and speaker: Salesforce is winning — or they are really good at creating the collective experience of winning.

In early 2018, Digital Clarity Group undertook a major research program aimed at understanding how organizations approach their digital experience platforms (DXPs). This post by DCG VP of Client Services, Mary Laplante, examines the importance of platform agility in that decision.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers have access to one of the most user-friendly and powerful eCommerce solutions on the market. According to Forrester, Salesforce’s suite of tools provides the “best fit for retailers looking for a strong, highly scalable, cloud-based commerce platform.” We agree. But is it enough? Don’t get us wrong: We love Salesforce Commerce… / Read More

Now that it’s been few days since Adobe’s acquisition of Magento, I wanted to share some thoughts. The Facts Adobe is acquiring Magento Commerce for $1.68 billion – roughly an 11x multiplier of their current revenue of $150 million. When Salesforce purchased Demandware in 2016, they paid $75 a share or a total of $2.85… / Read More

Is the beginning of widespread Artificial Intelligence (AI) finally here? Seemingly every day brings some big announcement, from breakthrough findings in ALS research generated by AI data mining to AI-powered phone calls that sound convincingly human (Google’s Duplex). But for businesses, the concerns are more practical: How to make sense of the new AI technologies… / Read More

Before brands and retailers can begin rolling out new online customer experiences across all channels, they need the ability to create, test, and preview them via an experience composition layer, along with the appropriate toolsets, workflows, and collaboration capabilities. In the future, the real competition among DXP players will be who can deliver the best composition and management suite at the most attractive price point.

The ability to separate content from layout – the so-called headless CMS – has become essential as omnichannel delivery options proliferate. CoreMedia believes headless delivery on its own is insufficient. Innovative front-ends favor a headless back-end, but brands often lack sufficient tools to provide a consistent experience across all touchpoints. But don’t take our word for it. There are plenty of people debating the pros and cons of the headless approach.

We’re almost at the mid-point of 2018. That may seem an odd time look at industry trends. But we live in business times of rapid technology change and the constant ratcheting up of expectations on the part of customers, prospects, employees, and other stakeholders. Leaders and practitioners need pulse points on customer experience more than once a year to guide their assessments of work-in-progress and make course corrections if necessary.What major trends in customer experience management are shaping current and future investments and initiatives for the rest of this year and into next?

How Micro-Experiences are Changing the Way Companies Interact with Customers The modern multichannel shopper has high expectations for online interactions. A sale can be won or lost in a split second, and the landscape is constantly changing. Innovative sellers are recognizing that the slow, monolithic architectures of the past are a poor match for the… / Read More


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