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Truly Omnichannel

When talking about Omni Channel delivery, very often people are thinking of Multi-Channel. But what‘s the difference and what do you really need?

Solving the CaaS Dilemma

Global brands and eCommerce companies today are finding themselves overwhelmed by the explosion of new channels, apps, and devices. So-called “headless” approaches to content management – sometimes referred to as Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) – are increasingly being pitched as a cure-all. But as more companies pursue this approach, its limitations are becoming apparent. Developers may be… / Read More

How to Integrate an Online Form Service with Studio Hub

It’s easy integrate an online form service with CoreMedia Studio Hub. This post walks through an example using the service Typeform.

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence will change the way editors work

Keeping a corporate website or news portal up to date can be a hard work for marketing professionals and online editors. Ideas for customer engagement and conversion-rich content are often lost in the repetitive day-to-day marketing grind. Who hasn’t spent hours building landing pages, updating the same quarterly reports or comparing language variants for a… / Read More


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