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4. April 2018 / Katherine Thompson / Labs, TechTalk

Introducing a simplified way of building extensions into your CoreMedia system from other sources: Just use our OOTB integrations and features to enhance your CMS without having to store or maintain the source code. All the configuration for CoreMedia Labs extensions is done via the settings in Studio, which means there’s no need to alter – or even look at – the code.

Extension releases are independent of the CoreMedia product release cycle. That means fixes and features can be delivered to you quickly and easily, and without having to upgrade the whole CoreMedia system. Update extensions by simply increasing the version number to the latest release and rebuilding.

Use this feature yourself to modularize your CoreMedia system by releasing and storing your custom extension artifacts in other repositories, such as Nexus. Extensions can then be upgraded or rolled back individually, providing a safer testing environment for upgrades.

How It Works

Using the existing CoreMedia extension mechanism, extensions that exist directly in the CoreMedia workspace can be enabled by adding the extension name to the managed-extensions.txt file. (And conversely, extensions are disabled by removing the extension name from this file.)

We’ve now added the ability to obtain these extensions from other sources. In the managed-extensions.txt file, specify the groupID, artifactID (extension name), and version number of the extension. Then run the extension tool:


When the extension tool is executed and detects an entry with this pattern, it looks in the coremedia-contributions Nexus repository for the artifacts. The artifacts are then pulled in during build time.

To add your own custom extensions, you can specify an artifact repository in the extension declaration:


To upgrade an extension to the next version, simply change the version number in the managed-extensions.txt file, run the extension tool, and rebuild the project. The new artifacts will then be available for your CoreMedia system.


We currently have two Labs projects that are available as Nexus artifacts: the CoreMedia Studio Hub and the Marketing Integration.

The Studio Hub will provide you with adapters to access your data, assets, and content from other sources directly in Studio. OOTB adapters are available for Dropbox, S3, RSS, YouTube and shared file systems. (Further adapters are in the works, so stay tuned!)

To get this extension, add this line to your managed-extensions.txt file:


The lastest releases of our Studio Hub extension can be found in our Studio Hub Github repository.

Our Marketing Integration enables you to create beautiful newsletters in CoreMedia and export them to your preferred marketing tools for sending. We provide OOTB integrations for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, and Watson Digital Marketing. (If there’s an integration you need that’s not on that list, please let us know!)

To get this extension, add this line to your managed-extensions.txt file:<LATEST-VERSION>

The latest release of our Marketing Integrations can be found in our Marketing Github repository.

We’re constantly updating extensions with new features. To find out the about the latest ones, please visit our CoreMedia Labs page. If you’re a customer or partner of CoreMedia and want to stay on top of the latest versions of the extensions, please visit our Help Center page for Labs Releases.

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