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April 24, 2018 / Ake Roth / Labs, TechTalk

That’s what we asked Partners and Customers at our recent events like this years’ Partner Kickoff and Developer Conference and invited them to take part in our CoreMedia Labs competition. And even better, we’ve chosen one great idea to implement with our Labs team.

We got a lot great feedback and suggestions. Here are some highlights that we found very interesting and made it to the shortlist.

  • Mobile App
  • Editor friendly content export / import in Studio
  • Bulk changes for certain properties
  • Collaboration enhancements

We had a hard time picking a winner as all submitted ideas were indeed great. In the end we decided for the Editor friendly content export / import in Studio. This tool will be of great value to almost any project, and that’s the reason we chose it.

We will use the existing Studio Hub component which was released recently by CoreMedia Labs and add an additional connector for CoreMedia systems. This will allow you to transfer content from one system to another, for example from different environments like development, pre-production, and production.

Thanks to Constantin Erckenbrecht and Daniel Stephan from ]init[ for this terrific idea! In addition to the project implementation, the winners will receive some brand new CoreMedia hoodies.

The Competitors

We’d like to share our thoughts about the other ideas on the shortlist:

Mobile App

The business case is as follows: As a journalist, I would like to be able to create a standard article through a lightweight CoreMedia client, so I can quickly publish an article or video when on the road.

This is also a great idea – these days it’s so important to be able to keep up with events as they happen or be the first to publish a story.

The smart people at Arvato, one of our Platinum Partners, already have a solution to exactly this use-case which is available for our customers. Have a look at our Partner Solutions page for more information.

Bulk changes for certain properties

The example given here was to change the taxonomy tags in all documents from one folder. This is an interesting use-case and we are currently considering it. If you have feedback for us on this topic or other bulk changes that you’d like to see, let us know!

Collaboration enhancements

For example, Studio support for review comments on richtext fields or even for entire documents.

Collaboration for editors is an important topic for us and we are constantly investing there. You will see enhancements there soon and we are looking forward to getting your feedback whether these features provide value to our users.

Thank You

Thanks all for the participation! We are listening and none of your proposals are wasted! They are all valuable feedback. We will keep them in mind and consider them for future planning.

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