CoreMedia Labs

Innovative projects intended to open a dialogue with customers.

Welcome to CoreMedia Labs!

This platform is first and foremost intended to open a dialogue with our customers regarding new and upcoming features: We hope that you will try out these features and tell us how you use them.

Labs is also for developers who want to have a look under the hood or get some hands-on understanding of the vast and compelling capabilities of CoreMedia. Whatever your experience level with CoreMedia is, we’ve got something for you.

Each project in our Labs platform is an extra feature to be used with CoreMedia, including extensions, tools and 3rd party integrations. We provide some test data and explanatory videos for non-customers and for insiders there is open-source code and instructions on integrating the feature into your CoreMedia workspace.

The code we provide is meant to be example code, illustrating a set of features that could be used to enhance your CoreMedia experience. We’d love to hear your feedback on use-cases and further developments! Send us an email at


Introducing a simplified way of building extensions into your CoreMedia system from other sources. Get your CoreMedia Labs extensions as release artifacts without touching the source code. Upgrade these extensions independently of CoreMedia product releases.
CoreMedia can easily integrate with your existing marketing automation system. We provide out-of-the-box integration code for various leading systems.
It’s possible to integrate just about any commerce system into CoreMedia. We provide an open-source Magento integration as an example.
Translations have never been easier for a CoreMedia editor. The integration with GlobalLink Connect Cloud from sends content to your translation agency, shows the status of the order in CoreMedia Studio and updates the content once the translation is finished.

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