Integrating Marketing Platforms

CoreMedia is a powerful content management system that can easily integrate with your existing marketing automation systems to re-use your digital assets and content for your newsletters and push messages. We provide out-of-the-box integration code for various leading marketing automation systems.


As a Digital Marketing Manager, I want to inform my customers of the latest products and articles, to keep them coming back to my site or campaign landing page. The content and assets have already been created and is available on the website. I just want to pull it together and create an email flow with text in between to make a newsletter.

We are already using a marketing tool, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo or IBM Watson Digital Marketing, that has all the contacts for the customers I want to send the newsletter to. This tool allows placeholders where I can personalize the newsletter, for example, with the customer’s name.

It would be ideal if I could create the newsletter with content pulled from my content management system, including the personalization placeholders, preview it and send it to my marketing tool. Then I could just send my newsletter out from there.


Building on our validated IBM Marketing Cloud Integration, CoreMedia now offers a generic Marketing Cloud integration API which can integrate just about any marketing tool or platform. Employ the beauty and power of the Studio interface to craft your newsletter using prepared templates. Drag and drop content into your newsletter and perfect the look of it with our immediate preview update. Link back to a landing page to attract more traffic to your website. Then send it with the push of a button to your marketing tool. Reaching your customers via email was never easier.

Create newsletters in CoreMedia Studio


After you’ve sent the newsletter into your marketing system, there’s a button in Studio which will allow you to also view your masterpiece directly in the marketing system. From there you can send it out as usual.

Push newsletters from Studio


Interested in a deeper understanding of marketing integrations in CoreMedia? See what we’ve cooked up for you in our CoreMedia Labs.

Github project: CoreMedia Marketing Integration extension as source code

Technical wiki: Instructions on integrating Magento into CoreMedia CMS and LiveContext.


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