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The “Insane” Business Case – Tech Talk

March 15, 2018 / Sören Stamer / Disruption

Sören Stamer, CEO and co-founder of CoreMedia, takes the stage at the 2018 National Retail Federation Big Show to explain why CFOs of global brands see tremendous value in uniting their brand sites and online stores.

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Video-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXiBQUfM40I&t=26s
To compete online and win, brands must both inspire and convert. Click To TweetMaintaining separate sites for branding and shopping leads to inconsistent messaging and damages SEO. Click To TweetThe best stores are iconic experiences that seamlessly blend inspirational content with the ability to buy. Click To TweetGlobal brands such as @Apple and @Nike have created powerful flagship stores by combining their brand sites with their online shops. Click To TweetContent sells. You need to convey every one of the unique attributes that make a product irresistible. Click To TweetMajor commerce systems lack the sophisticated content management capabilities needed to immersive product detail pages. Click To TweetThe most agile way to enhance your online store is to augment your existing commerce platform. Click To TweetCoreMedia helps retailers add the missing content pieces and preview the new experience across multiple touchpoints. Click To TweetWith clicks, less is more. Shoppable photos and videos allow shoppers to buy in a single click. Click To TweetThe right CMS lets you publish content across multiple languages as well as integrate the latest social tools. Click To TweetWe've seen luxury brands increase mobile traffic by 60% and conversion rate by more than 160%. Click To TweetWhen the overall experience is cohesive, customer loyalty goes way up. Click To TweetWhat's insane is: getting more brand visitors into your online shop means potentially doubling revenue. Click To TweetCurious about online flagship stores? Let us build the business case with you and provide proof of concept within days. Click To Tweet

Sören Stamer

Sören Stamer

Chief Executive Officer

Sören Stamer is head ninja, top strategist, main innovation engine, and chief optimist of CoreMedia. Technically the company’s CEO, he leads the company’s vision: forward focused while acutely aware of today’s competitive climate. Sören’s interest is in the power of massive networks to bring about massive change. A pioneering advocate of social media, he has contributed important thought leadership on web content strategy, digital rights management, and enterprise 2.0. Along with a Master of Business Administration (Diplom-Kaufmann) from the University of Hamburg, he has extensive startup and leadership experience, co-founding CoreMedia in 1996. He is passionate about early childhood education and solutions for society's challenges in the age of A.I. Sören is an award-winning author, speaker, father of four fun kids, and a very happy husband (not as hard as it may sound lol).

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